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John Ware Jr. High - Main Page
----------------------- John Ware Junior High ------------------------

Calgary, Alberta


John Ware Junior High is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have about 460 grade 7, 8 and 9 students. John Ware was a pioneer, and we have been carrying on his tradition by pioneering student use of the internet.

In Calgary, we were the...

* First school to have a HomePage.

* First with internet access from all the computers on our network.

* First with internet E-mail for all our students.

* First with HomePages for all our students.

...and that in was all in 1994!


Calgary Board of Education

Story of John Ware

Student HomePages

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Author: Jeremy and Aron, Grade 9 students during the 1995/96 school year.

Copyright © 1996, CBE. All rights reserved.

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