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Story of John Ware
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Story of John Ware


John Ware (1845 -1905)

Here is a man who will never grow old. No matter where you may go in Alberta's range country, you'll hear someone mention John Ware - pioneer and rancher. John Ware was freed from slavery after the Civil War and was hired on a cattle drive from Texas to Idaho. From there he joined a cattle drive to the Bar U Ranch at High River. He soon became a well known rancher and owner of his own spread on Sheep Creek and the Red Deer River.

His brand, 9999, was made famous through courage and hard work as displayed by his fighting droughts, blizzards, wolves, storms, and rustlers. He was known to walk over the backs of penned steers without fear and exhibited superb horsemanship by taming the wildest broncos. His prodigious strength was demonstrated by stopping steers head-on and wrestling them to the ground, tripping a horse by hand and holding it on it's back while being shoed, lifting an eighteen-month-old steer with apparent ease to throw it on his back for branding, and on and on...

John died in 1905 when his horse stumbled in a badger hole.

John Ware Junior High School opened in 1968 with five classes of junior high and six classes of elementary. Today, the school serves appproximately 460 students from Palliser, Bayview, Pumphill, Braeside and Cederbrae.

John Ware's daughter, Nettie Ware, visited the school in 1988. She died later that year at the age of 96. We at John Ware are proud to be connected with this legendary family in our western heritage.


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Story of John Ware

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Author: Jeremy, a grade 9 student during the '95/'96 school year.

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